Defending houses in Krasici



After a relatively quiet night, the Tivat firefighters again are fully occupied with wildfires at Grabovac. All available forces are in the field, as well as volunteers who do everything to save the houses in the village of Djurasevici, where fire broke out. A wildfire also broke in Krasici, in the weekend settlement at Lustica, where over 3,000 inhabitants and tourists defend houses and estates.

TVCG reporter informs that it is difficult to defend from those who deliberately cause wildfires or refuse to help. While TVCG team was heading to Djurasevici, behind the resort of Movida, suddenly a fire broke out near the road, as if someone deliberately threw a cigarette.
Aviation is already extinguishing fires on Lustica. The situation is quite chaotic, the TVCG reporter says, because at this moment fires are active at several locations at the same time.

Slobodan Djurisic from volunteer Fire Department Krtoli said that part of the vehicles had to go to Krasici, while they also miss some equipment – hoses, nozzles, as part of them were burned in the fire.

Zoran Barbic of Tivat’s Protection and Rescue Service told Montenegro Television that they are currently defending the village of Djurasevici, because the fire got close to the village, to about a hundred yards from the houses. “We managed to keep the fire under control, the action continues,” Barbic said.

Directorate for Emergency Situations’ aircrafts are now extinguishing fire at Lustica. The fire broke out at several locations – Zabrdje village, Obosnik, Cape Veslo. Earlier today, the Directorate stated that evacuation of the population could be an option in Zabrnja, near Obosnik. In the information about the current active fires, the Directorate stated that there was an active fire at Lustica in the area of Tivat and that the teams were in the field.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro