Defining the project of support to Montenegrin agriculture is coming to an end

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The IFAD delegation, consisting of experts in various areas, including rural infrastructure, development of clusters and cooperatives, climate change and finance ended its third mission aimed at defining the project of support which is to be implemented in Montenegro next year. Representatives of the delegation met deputy prime minister Petar Ivanovic. They discussed the concept of the final support.

It is a project through which the International Fund for Agricultural Development – IFAD (an organisation which Montenegro joined early last year) will finance Montenegrin agriculture and the development of rural infrastructure, clusters and cooperatives, as well as improvements in the production of high-quality agricultural products in northern Montenegro.

In recent weeks, the delegation has visited several Montenegrin municipalities, summer pastures and farmers, mainly in the north of Montenegro, in order to become familiar with the specifics of agricultural production, constraints and opportunities, with the aim of finalising the support project.

“Improving infrastructure, primarily in the area of ​​water supply and repair of roads in rural areas, determines the future development of agriculture. This is not just a matter of improving the quality of life of our citizens, but also linking the manufacturers of agricultural cooperatives, the creation of value chain and stronger connection of the primary production and processing. With continuous education, in this way we will strengthen our competitiveness. In addition to the allocated €52m grant through the IPARD programme, $50m of loan funds from the Abu Dhabi Development Fund, €10m that are already available to Montenegrin farmers through IPARD-like programmes 1 and 2, $5m provided by IFAD is another proof of continuous work on the strengthening Montenegrin agriculture”, Ivanovic said.

In November last year, IFAD Board of Directors approved to Montenegro $3m initial loan. In the meantime, taking into account the requirements of the Montenegrin side and in constant communication with the heads of IFAD, $2m grant was also approved.

Programme Manager of IFAD for Montenegro Annabelle Lhommean said after the meeting that Montenegro was a new country for IFAD and that she was very glad that she saw a country of great potential for further development of agriculture.

“We have the privilege to support the Government of Montenegro to continue valorisation of this potential, to help farmers to find market niches, increase profits through the production and marketing high quality products” Lhommean said.

The representative of IFAD Nerina Muzurovic said that the international organisation in cooperation with the government will implement a project that will lead to the application of new knowledge in the field of agriculture.

Representatives of IFAD will visit Montenegro once again by the end of the year, after which the project will be ready for implementation next year.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro