Del Fante announced: Energy cable functional by 2019

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Although submarine energy cable from Italy to Montenegro was supposed to be operational already in 2017, the way it seemes now this project will be finished at the end of 2018. This was confirmed by the executive director of company Terna, Matteo del Fante, who told the Italian media that energy connection between Montenegro and Italy will be established by 2019.

During the press conference, where financial results from first half of the year of company Terna were presented, del Fante spoke about the project of energy connections with countries across the Adriatic sea, which is his company realizing in cooperation with Montenegrin electric power transport system, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

“Renewal of the interconnection between Italy and Corsica, which is part of the plan for development of this island, will be realized by company Terna. This project will be finished at the same time like the one we’re realizing with Montenegro, which is by 2019”, said del Fante. So far 140 kilometres of the energy cable has been put in place, and another 250 kilometres need to be placed at the bottom of the sea.

Benefits for Montenegro are measured in millions, precisely our country is the main knot which will be crucial for transport of electric energy towards other European countries. Also, realization of this project significantly improves the transport network in Montenegro.

In mid November of 2010 a contract was signed for realization of the project for connecting Italy and Montenegro by energy cable. The contract was signed by Montenegrin minister of economy at the time Branko Vujovic, president of the board of directors of Montenegrin electric power transport system Zoran Djukanovic and executive director of the Italian company Terna Flavio Cattaneo. The value of the project is around 1 million euros and Montenegro is participating in the realization with 100 million euros.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro