Delic used government vehicle on rally in Rozaje?

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It is suspected that the director of the Directorate for general operations in MUP Vladan Delic has done new abuses of resources of this ministry, by using government vehicle “ford explorer” PG CG 786 on a recreational SUV rally manifestation, which qas held this summer on north of Montenegro, it was reported by Dnevne newspaper.

During July and August in Rozaje, Delic, according to DN’s sources, used light and sound signalization on his car which is used inly for special police purposes.

According to unofficial information, minister of police Goran Danilovic is aware of this abuse of government vehicle for private purposes, under the excuse that Delic was at this recreational manifestation on official business.

However, those familiar with the situation claim that there is no way he could have been there officially, because he’s not an authorized person or a member of the traffic police which was securing the race track.

Prone to breaking the law

Delic came to public focus after it was published that he’s been investigated since April of 2015 under suspicion that he committed several crimes of abuse of public position and forging official documents. Crime police has recently searched his cabinet and it was published that his name is in registries of European countries and in Interpol’s system as well, in which he is treated as a person prone to criminal acts such as theft and burglary.

Vladan Delic at the same time accused the chief of criminalistic police Milovan Pavicevic and chief of Niksic police Milorad Zizic that they participated in illegal actions. According to media reports, in documents that Delic gave to Katnic, he claims that Pavicevic and Zizic are abusing him for years and that his only sin is that he is dangerous for criminal actions that these chief’s of police are involved in.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro