Democratic Front receives "plan B" from Russia

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Mentors from Russia don’t want to wait another four years for the change of government in Montenegro, especially now that they have invested a lot of money and effort to push DF in the forthcoming parliamentary elections. Their agenda is to win power, and if this cannot happen democratically, the PLAN B is to resort to violence, writes Dnevne Novine daily.

DF leaders’ rhetoric is growing ever fiercer, they are announcing they won’t recognize the elections unless they’re the victors, and they are planning to overthrow the government from the streets. DN learns from sources close to DF that this is because the pressure from Russia is mounting.

According to the same sources, the Russians hired Israeli experts to analyze DF’s political marketing and campaign organization, and they show that Democratic Front currently stands very badly, and that, despite the millions invested in their aggressive campaign, there is not even a theoretical chance for them to win the election.

DN writes “mentors from Russia are offering their protégés in Montenegro a ‘plan B’ – to come to power by force, from the streets, if they cannot win it through democratic means, because they have modest support from the citizens”.

The news that Vladimir Putin appointed Sergei Naryshkin as head of external intelligence agency six days ago, has further encouraged Front leaders to threaten “that some will find it very hot in Montenegro”, regardless of election results. In addition to political and material support, with Naryshkin on their side, DF supposedly expects to receive logistics for “other plans”.

The Front was therefore enthusiastic about the news on Naryshkin’s appointment, because as president of the Russian Duma, he was also known as the “main man” for Montenegro and support to the opposition, because they are willing to change the strategic orientation of Montenegro’s foreign policy. Over the last few months, he met with DF representatives a number of times, mostly with Milan Knezevic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro