DEMOS has no information about the meeting of the opposition

Representatives of the Democratic Montenegro, the Demos, the United Reformist Action, the Socialist People’s Party and the Democratic Front in the next few days should discuss the modalities of cooperation between the opposition, learned the Pobjeda from multiple opposition sources. The DEMOS denied the newspaper report, stating they would not go to such a meeting.

The meeting was already initiated in informal contacts between the URA and the Democrats, while the Demos leader Miodrag Lekic should formally propose it.

The meeting idea is the result of the Democratic Front call to the rest of the opposition to leave Parliament.

Several options should be considered at the meeting: possible support of the rest of the opposition to the protests, which is the least likely option, support for the agreement proposed by the Democratic Front, which includes the boycott of parliament until, as they say, the conditions for fair and democratic elections are created, and the possible termination of the protests of the Democratic Front, which is totally unacceptable for that political group, as well as the story about the implementation of the election legislation.

Apparently, the rest of the opposition is skeptical regarding boycott of parliament, but also regarding protests, so the meeting could serve the Front as a kind of exit strategy.

The URA official Dritan Abazovic neither confirmed nor denied Pobjeda’s information regarding the meeting, stating that dialogue is the only logical solution in terms of the current political crisis.

Abazovic said that parliamentary boycott is not a good solution given that we are at the beginning of an election year.
Secretary General of the Democrats, Aleksa Becic’s party, Boris Bogdanovic, said that they would leave the parliament in case all the opposition deputies do the same.

The SNP President Srdjan Milic also said that the SNP would leave the parliament if all the opposition does it. The Positive earlier rejected any idea of boycotting the parliament.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro