Deputies spent 28.000€ for telephone bills

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In the first six months 2017., deputies spent 28,117 Euros from the state treasury for the use of official mobile phones, the newspaper Pobjeda learned. The Parliament of Montenegro monthly pays deputies’ phone bills up to 100 Euros, while the vice-presidents and the head of parliament can spend more than that.

“In the period from January 1 to June 30 2017, official mobile phones total costs amounted to 28,117 Euros,” announced the Parliamentary Public Relations and Protocol Department.

The data show that the Vice President of the Assembly, Branimir Gvozdenovic (DPS) used his cell phone the most and spent 1.554 Euros in six months. Dzavid Sabovic (SDP) spent almost third of that sum, 588 Euros. The leader of the DNP and the Democratic Front’s official Milan Knezevic follows with telephone costs amounting to 585 Euros, and President of the URA Dritan Abazovic, with 584 Euros.

DF deputy Predrag Bulatovic spent 567 Euros, Andrija Nikolic and Marta Scepanovic from the DPS 566 Euros each, and Koca Pavlovic (DF) 563 Euros. The Assembly paid for the President of the Administrative Committee Luidj Skrela’s and his colleague from DPS Aleksandra Vukovic’s 556 Euros worth telephone bills, as well as for Slaven Radunovic’s (DF) and Milorad Vuletic’s (DPS) bills amounting to 554 Euros each.

The DF deputy Branka Bosnjak’s phone bills amounted to 552 Euros, and Maja Bakrac’s from the DPS 546 Euros. The Deputy Speaker Genci Nimanbegu and leader of the Movement for Change, Nebojsa Medojevic spent 528 Euros. The phone costs of the DF deputy Budimir Aleksic, amounted to 511 Euros. The DPS deputy Predrag Sekulic spent 508 Euros, Petar Porobic and Zeljko Aprcovic from the DPS 502 Euros, and their colleague Filip Vukovic 493 Euros.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro