Deputies who left NOVA to return mandates

Podgorica Board of New Serbian Democracy (NOVA) has called on councilors who left the party to return the mandates to members who, as they said, are sticking to the ideas and principles of NOVA.

President of the Municipal Committee (OC) Rados Zecevic recalled that the Democratic Front (DF) in the last elections won 17 seats in the local parliament, of which six went to NOVA.

“Mandates are the property of voters, supporters and members of the NOVA, who gave their vote,” Zecevic said.

Zecevic explained that the constitutional and legal solutions recommended by the European Union (EU), define that mandates belong to individual, MP or councilor, and not to a political party who won that mandates.

As a result, individuals, he said, recently misused what they party entrusted them.

If, as he said, they do not take into account and do not comply with honest and fair appeal, “we reserve the right, to have a similar attitude toward Radonjic, and Pejovic, as well as to those who are earlier, in the immoral way, snatched the mandate of the NOVA and the opposition”.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro