Despite a failure, Montenegro Airlines’ plane safely landed in Golubovci

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Montenegro Airlines’ stated that a failure occurred on its plane flying from Zurich to Podgorica when a landing gear tire was damaged. Despite the failure, the company stated that the plane landed safely in Golubovci airport. Landing gear is a part of the aircraft supporting it which is used in both takeoff and landing.

“On 26 August 2016, during the Montenegro Airlines YM 151 flight from Zurich to Podgorica, after takeoff the pilots received light indication that there has been damage to the landing gear”, the statement said.

The company added that when approaching the airport in Podgorica the captains acted according to procedures which are clearly defined in such situations.

“The plane will be returned to lines as soon as possible”, it was said in the statement. The company added that passengers’ safety was not jeopardised in any moment.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro