Despite opposition’s appeal, Vujanovic is confident that the election results will be declared by 31 October

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Despite the fact that opposition required the State Election Commission (SEC) not to declare the results of the parliamentary elections, the President of Montenegro Filip Vujanovic is sure that this will happen within the legal deadline – by Monday, 31 October.

“I expect they will respect deadlines. It is in our interest to constitute the Parliament as soon as possible and to form the government in order to continue advancing strategic interest of Montenegro, ie European and Euro-Atlantic integration, improving the economy, raising the investment environment and a better quality of life for our citizens. In this sense, it is very important to form the government as soon as possible and I expect that they will respect the deadlines. As for me, immediately after the Parliament is constituted, I will start consultations with party representatives and nominate a prime minister-designate“, the president said.

As he said, he is convinced that the opposition will have an attitude towards the elections which is pursuant to people’s will.

“In this regard, I assume that we will get a new Parliament composition soon and that we, as I said, will form the new government quickly. I would not predict anyone’s political behaviour – it is a matter of political parties. I am just pointing out that citizens’ electoral will is something that binds all of us and we should respect it and act accordingly”, Vujanovic told reporters in Budva, where he is attending a conference on the economy.

As planned terrorist attack during election day is concerned, the president pointed out that the judicial authorities should be left to determine the facts and present evidence within their jurisdiction.

“These proceedings should run without being commented by those outside the judicial authorities, especially people engaged in politics and those on state positions. I believe… the president should not present his position in this way or comment on judiciary work in any way. I very appreciate what Prime Minister (of Serbia Aleksandar) Vucic said. It shows full partnership and friendship between the two countries. That shows that it is in our common interest to preserve stability in both countries and to contribute to the stability of the region as a whole by joint operation. I believe that the security services and the national authorities of the two countries will cooperate for the good of citizens and good relations between the two countries”, Vujanovic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro