Despite the blows, the SDP stronger than ever

A candidate for president of the SDP Ranko Krivokapic said he respected everybody who respected the independence and Euro-Atlantic path of Montenegro. At the 8th Congress, Krivokapic said that the SDP, despite the blows, is stronger than ever.

Congress is being held under the motto “A quarter of the century on the right side of history.” The delegates welcomed with a thunderous applause both candidates for president of the party, the current leader Ranko Krivokapic and his opponent Ivan Brajovic.

Addressing the delegates, a candidate for the SDP president Ranko Krivokapic said that without the Social Democrats “the history of Montenegro could not have been written”.

He said that some who persecuted social democrats, has become followers of the ideas of independence, stating that the SDP after 25 years is the only party that is for Euro-Atlantic Montenegro since the beginning.

“As we used to defend the independence of Montenegro, today we defend the independence of the SDP,” Krivokapic said.

Krivokapic says that the SDP has a future only with a clear and independent policy.

“Otherwise we will not survive. Despite all the blows that we suffer, we are stronger than ever and internationally respected more than anyone from Montenegro. Euro-Atlantic integration are the foundation program of SDP,” Krivokapic concluded.a

Izvor: RTV Montenegro