Details of the plea bargain with the Prosecution: Marović to reveal the location of the money

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Currently the most famous prisoner in Spuž, Svetozar Marović, charged for corruption in high places, admitted to being the leader of the criminal organization formed in order to acquire illegal gains, during the conversations lead in the Special Prosecution during the last few days.

This was confirmed to Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily by many well informed sources close to the investigation and Marović family.

Unofficially, a formal confession could be expected shortly, and the signing of the Plea Bargain Agreement, as soon as the amount of penalty is decided in the Special Prosecution. The Higher Court in Podgorica would further consider the decision.

Decided to terminate the agony

Marović has been imprisoned for 4 and a half months already, and his health condition has been deteriorating daily, especially after he was faced with material evidence gathered against him. It is believed that this is the reason he decided to terminate his agony. Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily’s interlocutor said that Marović is ready to sign a statement saying that he organized a criminal group of 30 members, with a description of their roles and modus operandi. He will also reveal the accounts through which the money “left the country”. Basically, this statement would confirm all of the suspicions Prosecution had. The news is that Marović claims that he did not take the money in question, but that he was defrauded during this corruption deal. It can be guessed who will be the person he will accuse of this.

15 million EUR to be reimbursed

It is speculated that Marović’s confession will lead to more than 15 million EUR of damages to Budva Municipality. The millions in question were transferred to international accounts through a company registered in Montenegro.

When the plea bargain is signed, Special Prosecution will ask for a block on all the accounts in questions, directly and by using the help of international legislation.

As a reminder, one of the involved in the affair, Mirko Latinović, has recently payed his dues to the state in the amount of 20 million EUR, by signing of one of the parts of TQ Plaza into state’s ownership. Unofficially, it is believed that Latinović gave to the state Marović’s property that was in Latinović’s name.

Financial investigation to follow

Aside from confession, a significant part of the plea bargain will be Marović’s penalty, financial as well as prison sentence. It is speculated that the sentence will be no shorter than 4 years, as the law recommend the minimal punishment for this crime to be 2 years, and maximum 4 years.

Weekend Edition of Dnevne Novine daily learns that after the conclusion of this process, the Prosecution will initiate a financial investigation against everyone charged, that will include the members of their families and anyone connected as well. This investigation will force them to prove the origin of their assets, and the Prosecution has a right to temporarily confiscate those assets and put them at state’s disposal. It would mean that famous citizens of Budva are yet to fight for their assets.

During the investigation of the real estate, Prosecution could send plea bargains made with Miloš Marović and Lazar Rađenović to the Higher Court for revision. Unofficially, the investigation of real estate they put forth for reimbursement is underway.

The bargain entails Marović paying a reimbursement of 380.000 EUR in money and real estate and a year in prison, while Rađenović would pay 30.000 EUR and two years in prison.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro