DF activists arrested for illegal weapons possession

#Search #Weapons #CriminalOffense


Kotor police arrested Radomir Sumar and Zarko Lecic this morning for illegal weapons and explosives possession.

In the search of the house and other facilities used by Sumar and Lecic police found and seized a number of firearms and ammunition, as follows: 1) machine gun of unknown brand and the factory number, 2) 6 (six) blasting caps, 3) 3 (three) packages of explosives, 4) 3 (three) safety fuses, 5) shotgun, brand Crvena Zastava M-57 cal 12 mm, 6) shotgun, made in Russia, cal 16 mm, 7) shotgun, brand Crvena Zastava, cal 12 mm, 8) 50 (fifty) bullets for hunting weapons, 16 and 12 mm, 9) a starter pistol, unknown brand. “Therefore, Kotor police department officers arrested Z.L. and R.S. who will be brought to the competent prosecutor, on suspicion of having committed the criminal offense of illegal possession of weapons and explosives”, the police stated. Allegedly, Sumar and Lecic are Democratic Front activists and are associated with Vojislav Pican, who is also a DF activist and also a former member of the Seventh Battalion. According to information obtained by CDM, Pican was previously known to the police as the perpetrator of the crimes such as illegal possession of weapons and explosives.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro