DF calls opposition for joint action

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The Democratic Front called on opposition political entities, civil sector and free individuals to urgently agree on the form, manner and dynamics of joint action in order to create conditions for universal free and fair elections, announced the political alliance.

They also called on media, NGO sector and academic community to act promptly, professionally and autonomously, in order to give full contribution to building free and prosperous Montenegro.

“We call upon the judiciary to release unlawfully imprisoned political prisoners Mihailo Cadjenovic, Dejan Vujisic, Zeljko Scepanovic and Momir Nikolic by September 1, 2017. If you do not do that, the Democratic Front will start protesting for their release,” pointed out the Front.

The statement of the political alliance states that they are aware of the seriousness of the overall state in which Montenegro founds itself.

“We have to have in mind the depth of the crisis, limits and challenges that are continuously growing, the polarization of the citizens by social status,the break-up of Montenegro in spiritual and material sense, the marionette, autocratic and criminological character of the regime, the detention of institutions, the disappearance of the competent elite and real knowledge, the ubiquitous fear, dishonor, greed and personal interest, the criminalization of the society and the clash of criminal clans, the loss of perspective and desire to leave the country shown by the most vital and the competent,” they said.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro