DF cannot blackmail us with 6% support

The fact that protests of part of the opposition are being held for last ten days in Podgorica is an indicator of the democratic capacities of Montenegro and the current government, Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic said.

The Prime Minister has said that they are going to submit a response to the SDP regarding their demand for the dismissal of Ministers or former members of that party.

Commenting on the announcement of the Democratic Front (DF) that they are going to be persistent in their demands until the government resigns, the premier said that “protests would obviously last “.

“We must all agree with the rules of democratic societies. So, the organizer of the protest is Democratic Front, which is a political group with the support of six percent. A responsible government cannot allow itself to behave in accordance with the ultimatum set by the six or ten percent, because it would show its irresponsibility towards democratic choice of the citizens “, Djukanovic said in a talk show Responsible Response, on Radio Montenegro.

When it comes to the character of the protest, Djukanovic recalled that on the eve of the gathering he said that those are potentially anti-democratic, anti-Montenegrin and anti-NATO protests.

“Recent events of Sunday night indicated that it is very questionable whether it is a protest of DF or the protests of one party, that is the New Serbian Democracy. Certainly we are not talking about civil protests as well.’’

The Prime Minister said that the gathering, although quiet, does not mean that it is democratic.

“In order to be democratic, it would have to be in accordance with the Constitution and laws. Are they consistent? There were some violations of the legal system. ‘’

Djukanovic added “we would do our best to create conditions for normal functioning of life in the capital as soon as possible.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro