DF considers voting for Krivokapić’s replacement?

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Democratic Front is seriously considering the possibility of voting for replacement of the President of the Parliament Ranko Krivokapić on the session scheduled for May 4th, Pobjeda learns from multiple sources in this political group. By being present in this session, DF will cease they boycott that has been going on for more than 7 months.

In the session scheduled for Wednesday, the Parliament should pass Lex Specialis, chose new opposition ministers and vote on the replacement of the President of the Parliament. The replacement is a third point on the daily schedule, and Krivokapić recently said that there may not be a majority of votes for his replacement.

According to Pobjeda, replacing of Krivokapić is supported by Democratic People’s Party of Milan Knežević, while the stance of two other constituents Movement for Changes of Nebojša Medojević and New Serbian Democracy of Andrija Mandić will be known the day before the session. Milan Knežević shortly stated for Pobjeda that the Front will announce its joint stance on the matter in the Parliament’s session.

Knežević reminded that DPS advocated Krivokapić’s replacement keeping in mind his attitudes towards DF protests. Leader of Movement for Changes Nebojša Medojević stated to Pobjeda that the Parliament of Montenegro lead by Krivokapić ,,is a non legitimate institution tainted by political corruption”.

“This political corruption has only been enhanced by Miodrag Lekić and Srđan Milić joining the Government. Žarko Rakčević did not defraud anyone, because in this case he is only representing himself and his company”, Medojević said.

Leader of PZP added that the matter of Krivokapić’s replacement will be discussed within DF.

“Our primary goal is not to replace him, but, by attending the session, proving to voters of the opposition that they have been cheated by DEMOS and SNP”, Medojević concluded.

Performances, tents and pliers in the Parliament?

According to Pobjeda, DF will make a performance as a response to opposition entering the Government of Milo Đukanović.

“We have plans for vuvuzelas, tents, and a few pliers”, a source from DF said to Pobjeda, witholding some details.

Knežević and Mandić did not want to speak publicly about the performance planned for Wednesday, adding that all activities will be confirmed on Tuesday night’s protests, but they said they will mainly criticize the fake opposition.

“We plan to move the protest into the Parliament because we are being blocked in media by both the first and second family”, Medojević said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro