DF could be out of their funding

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Agency for prevention of corruption will start a procedure examining the financial lists of Nova Srpska Demokratija, Pokret za Promjene and DNP – Democratic Front.

The Agency stated that they will act in accordance with the Law on financing political subjects and electoral campaigns. They will start a procedure that will temporarily or permanently stop the funding for this party from the budget, unless they provide necessary documentation by Monday.

The Agency has not done the control according to their plan so far.

“The responsible people in these parties stated that there financials are inaccurate, as entailed in the Article 46 of the Law. They would submit them to the Agency after they have been corrected”, the statement reads.

The Agency stated they would start procedures in relevant courts against these three parties.

“And in the case they fail to submit the documents, the Agency will start a procedure to terminate their budget funding for the campaign, and notify the Ministry of Finance of such a decision”, the statement concludes.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro