DF did not plan coup in Montenegro

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During the trial for terrorism on election day October 16, 2016, one of the defendants, Andrija Mandic, said he was not guilty of the act he was charged with. He claims it was a fake coup, which was designed to defend the power at all costs. The trial will be resumed on Monday at nine o’clock.

Mandic also claims that the Democratic Front (DF) did not plan a coup in Montenegro, and that, if they had planned it, it would have been safe and nobody would stop it.

“But we did not plan it,” said Mandic, adding that Stanko Subotic, Milo Djukanovic and Beba Popovic were behind all of that.
He said he did not know Bratislava Dikic, Kristina Hristic, Sismakov, Popov and Slavko Nikic.

Mandic, at the beginning of the trial, said he would not answer the prosecution’s questions and again made an objection regarding the US flag in the courtroom. The judge, Suzana Mugosa told him that neither she, nor him equipped the courtroom.

She also called on him to plead the criminal offense he was charged with.

“Of course I am not guilty of what I am being charged with,” Mandic said. He said there he did not make any violent action to prevent Montenegro from entering the NATO alliance. He also claims that the DF promoted a “non-violent methods of struggle “.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro