DF does not want to cooperate with Serbian radicals, but with Ranko

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The first candidate on the list of Serbian Radical Party in Montenegro (SSR), Aleksandar Jankovic, said that his party had offered the Democratic Front (DF) to form a coalition, but that the leaders of the group had refused this offer.

In a video posted on the Facebook page of SSR, Jankovic points out that his party was ready to cooperate with DF in spite of the fact that they do not have positive opinion on DF leaders.

“The public is hardly familiar with the fact that SSR offered forming coalition to DF few months ago. We suggested that at a time when we started to work and, unlike most of the parties in Montenegro that offer coalitions in order to make political profit during election campaign, we had offered forming coalition with DF then because of the people who supported DF during protests in October, rather than because of our positive opinion about DF leaders”, Jankovic explained.

On the other hand, as Dnevne Novine newspaper learnt from several sources, one of the leaders of DF and the Democratic People’s Party (DNP), Predrag Bulatovic, met the president of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Ranko Krivokapic, in the Vuk restaurant in Podgorica, on Wednesday evening.

According to DN’s information, other DF leaders were aware of the meeting between Bulatovic and Krivokapic. They discussed the post-election alliance between DF and SDP.

Bulatovic did not answer DN’s phone calls on Thursday.

It is obvious that DNP is in charge of talks with minor parties. In his video address to the voters, the SSR leader Aleksandar Jankovic says that his party has a meaningful conversation only with Milan Knezevic who expressed willingness to cooperate politically.

Jankovic added that his party’s offer was virtually unconditional.

“We did not require any parliamentary seats or any financial benefit. The only thing we asked was making coalition agreements at the local level in order for our party to be able to develop”, he said.

However, DF rejected the offer.

“Unlike Andrija Mandic and Nebojsa Medojevic, Knezevic has recognised our potential and thought on the political future. We did not want to get into DF and disappear there. We wanted it to be a coalition on an equal footing”, he said.

Aleksandar Jankovic criticized DF because it received the Communist Party in the coalition and rejected cooperation with them.

“Three grandmothers and two grandfathers came to strengthen the Democratic Front. We believe we would strengthen it better than the Communist Party or than DSS that joined DF”, says Jankovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro