DF doesn’t recognize the elections, but can they form a minority government?

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A day after the Democratic Front, coalition Key, Social Democratic Party and the Democrats unofficially stated that they do not recognize election results, CdM has learned Andrija Mandic is willing to support the minority government without DPS. Democratic Front unofficially confirmed this for CdM.

Provided that Miodrag Lekic, Aleksa Becic and Ranko Krivokapic decide to say yes to Mr. Mandic, they are still two mandates short for a minority government, because the opposition has 39 of 81 seats.

But what does it mean?

It means that they need the help pf either the Bosniak Party which has these two mandates, or the vote of Adrijan Vuksanović from the Croatian Civil Initiative (HGI), together with the vote of Genci Nimanbegu representing the Albanian parties (they have one seat each).

“We first have to talk with Albanians and Croats. Only after that, will we be able to give a concrete answer”, said for CdM the representative of the Bosniaks, Ervin Ibrahimović.

“All options are open, but we first have to consult within our coalition”, Mr. Nimanbegu said for our news portal.

Somewhat more specific was Mr. Vuksanovic from HGI who said there certainly won’t be any cooperation with those who question the statehood of Montenegro and with those who have no sensitivity to the political principles of HGI.

“We will talk to all political parties. That’s no problem. But if the opposition wants to talk to us, they should first unite between themselves and come to us like one. We will first talk to the minority parties”, Vuksanovic said for CdM.

Montenegro has never had a minority government.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro