DF invited the minorities to support opposition in the government and new elections!

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DF does not understand the reason DPS is celebrating. They say that the opposition has the majority and that they are inviting minorities to support their idea of temporary government that would organize free and fair elections.

“Opposition still has the majority with 41 seats. Citizens must know that the elections that were supposed to be free ended up being the complete opposite in the last two days. Police did everything it could to support Milo Đukanović’s story of the state being in danger”, said leader of DF Andrija Mandić.

They have a plan.

“DF shall initiate a meeting with all opposition parties tomorrow so we can speak of temporary government. We want temporary government so we can have free and fair elections”, Mandić said.

“Colleagues from minority parties need to think about this. It is hard to understand that anyone could accept an offer from DPS unless it was money. Our colleagues need to think and know that this is a historical moment”, Nebojša Medojević underscored.

Ključ also invited minorities

Democrats, DF, Ključ, and SDP have 39 mandates, said leader of Ključ, Miodrag Lekić. They need two more seats in order to create leadership.

“Four parties have 39 mandates. DPS has 35. That means we are stronger. But, the responsibility is now upon minority parties”, Lekić said.

He said that Ključ is not pleased with 11% of the votes.

Žarko Rakčević from Ključ offered a coalition to minority parties.

DF claims that opposition has majority even without including minorities.

Krivokapić: Power of DPS has limits

Leader of SDP Ranko Krivokapić does not think DPS won. SDP won 4 mandates.

“We showed that DPS power has limits. DPS is not supported by the citizens. We are ready to gather the majority. It is a matter of time”, Krivokapić said.

He said that SDP would not cooperate with DPS. They are interested in talking to Ključ, Democrats and minorities, but he did not mention DF.

He commented on the decision of Telecommunication Agency to temporarily ban Viber and WhatsApp.

“This is a precedent. Ban on Viber and other communication systems only happens in countries with no democracy whatsoever”, he said.

Democrats a surprise

Bečić reminded that DPS has 35 seats, DF 18, Ključ 9, Democrats 9 and SDP 4.

“No party has absolute majority, but days and weeks in front of us will give answer as to where should the leadership gi“, Bečić said.

According to him, 4 opposition parties have 40 mandates, and DPS 35.

“However you look at it mathematically, there is no stability in the ruling party”, he said.

Bečić said that his invitation is open to opposition parties in order to exchange opinions.

“As far as Democrats go, we confirmed what I promised and were a pleasant surprise winning 10% of support”, he said.

Democrats were one of the few who were independent in these elections, so the results is a cause for pride.

“They were mostly coalitions, so the math clearly shows Democrats are second in power in Parliament of Montenegro”, he said.

He said they have a lot of space to maneuver and that Democrats are the most perspective subject on Montenegro’s political scene.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro