DF is set to protest against the Agreement and “opposition’s traitors”

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Democratic Front is set to start protests in Podgorica as soon as the Agreement on free and fair elections is signed between the leadership and the opposition, Pobjeda learns.

Pobjeda’s source from the top of DP said that the crux of protests will be directed against the parties in the opposition that will join the Government of Milo Đukanovićo, such as Demos, GP URA as well as Socialist People’s Party SNP and its leader Srđan Milić.

Protest against the Agreement has already been arranged, set to start as soon as the document is signed officially. Those parties that join the Government are no longer the opposition, and they will get the same, if not worse, treatment than the Government, source coming from the top ranks of DF said to Pobjeda.

One of the members of DF’s leadership Milan Knežević confirmed the information about protests in a short statement to Pobjeda.

Protests will be continued. We are waiting on further moves from a part of the opposition. Knežević said that the decision will be reached by the leadership of DF. Their protests have been going on since September 27th, with uneven intensity.

Source from the Front added that the anti-campaign focused on the part of opposition that will join the Government will be intensified in the next few days.

Officials of DF such as Nebojša Medojević and Slaven Radunović have been spending days posting attacks on social networks, directed towards leaders of SDP, URA and Demos. This is to prepare the public for another protest.

Nebojša Medojević, leader of PzP, used his Twitter account yesterday to call the parties that are negotiating on the Agreement “the traitors of the opposition”.

By accepting Đukanović as their official boss in the Government, Miodrag Lekić, Žarko Rakčević, Ranko Krivokapić and Darko Pajović can now be considered traitors of the opposition, Medojević tweeted. N.Z.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro