DF list: Mandić to lead, behind him Medojević and Knežević

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President of New Serbian Democracy Andrija Mandić will carry the list of Democratic Front for the elections scheduled for October 16th, Pobjeda learns from sources in DF.

Behind him are President of Movement for Change Nebojša Medojević, and leader of Democratic People’s Party Milan Knežević. Fourth place belongs to NSD and fifth to Workers’ Party lead by Janko Vučinić.

Election list will have a third of the places reserved for women, in accordance with the law on MPs and representatives, and that proportion will also apply to the first twenty places on the list. Sources confirmed that the list is made so that the first places are reserved for presidents of the parties, than members of presidents boards and steering committees.

Among the first ten, NSD will have four places, PzP three and DPP two. Officials of DF Slaven Radunović and Koča Pavlović are below the first ten, while Vice President of PzP Branka Bošnjak is sixth on the list.

According to Pobjeda, the election list was based on a founding model of DF from 2012.

That means that 40% of members will be from NSD, and the rest will be shared by PzP and DPP.

The list and its proportions were confirmed by Andrija Mnadić to Pobjeda.

When we founded DF we made clear proportions on which we based our representatives’ list, Mandić said then.

Based on their internal agreement, the parties have a possibility to suggest independent candidates.

Last presidential elections saw Miodrag Lekić lead DF’s list, while Andrija Mandić’s party had four candidates, PzP three and DPP two, among the first ten.

According to unofficial information from Pobjeda, DF’s plan is to gather signatures and be the first to submit the list.

Seven thousand activists on the field

According to a plan presented at DF meeting, the campaign will be carried by seven thousand young activists who will present the agenda of DF. Campaign will be managed by a marketing agency that is among the best consultant houses in the world.

“Our campaign will be different than any seen so far in Montenegro. We have more and more volunteers each day, who have amazing energy and believe in our success”, they said in DF.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro