DF: Mustafic is lying – Mustafic: I stand by everything I said

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As the President of the Assembly, Darko Pajović, filed complaints against several MPs of the Democratic Front, for tarnishing the reputation of parliament during the break of the session on July 4, the Parliament took to debating on who is to blame for the incident. DF claims the fault lies with the Vice President of the Assembly, Suljo Mustafic, who said DF members in October protests chanted “Suljo, you Turk”. DF invited him to publicly say who shouted these insults. Mustafic replied that the whole of Montenegro heard what they were chanting against him and against Positive Montenegro deputy, Azra Jasavić, but points out that this has nothing to do with the incident in parliament on July 4.

“The whole thing started because the former Suleiman the Magnificent fell into nervous depression because of Ramadan and stopped the session of the Assembly. Let him come now. Let him come. It is his duty to be here, unless he went to save Erdogan”, said Knezevic.

Pajović then stopped the session and waited for Mustafic to come. Mustafic immediately said he never fled a verbal duel with anyone.

“And I also don’t have a jet to immediately be anywhere. Now that I’m here, I wish to say that I know how you labeled me. Ramadan teaches everyone to be filled with patience and to be spiritually reborn. Because I fast all my life, I learned this well. My reaction is in the spirit of it all. I did not contribute to any incident, ever, and especially not on that date. Do not allow them to replace the thesis”, he said, addressing Pajovic and the media.

Knežević said he won’t allow Mustafic to “sharpen his political banner on him”.

“I will not allow you to build your political rating by projecting Milan Knezevic as someone who hates Bosniaks or Muslims. Milan Knezevic never made any wife, mother or daughter cry, nor will he ever”, Knezevic said.

He added that Mustafic has to say who of DF deputies chanted insults.

“If he does not, then he is lying”, said Knezevic.

Mustafic did not specify to whom he refers, but confirmed that he did hear the insulting chants.

“Everything I said, I stand behind it. Whole Montenegrin public heard these chants, and that directed against Mrs. Azra Jasavić”, said Mustafic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro