DF no longer boycotts the Prime Minister’s Hour, Assembly elects the president on June 1

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For the first time in three years, the Democratic Front will attend the Prime Minister’s Hour. The ‘Frontmen’ have decided to be in the Parliament on May 31, when Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic will come to answer MPs’ questions during the so called Prime Minister’s Hour.

The reason for their return to Parliament is that their presidential candidate for the 2013 elections, Mr. Miodrag Lekic, now decided to be part of the government.

“After the stolen presidential election, we decided to boycott the Prime Minister’s Hour. However, since he who has been robbed decided to join the government of Milo Djukanovic, who robber him, the reasons for our boycott no longer exist”, Milutin Đukanović of DF caucus explained.

After MPs interrogate the Prime Minister and his ministers, they are facing a handful of work on various legislative proposals, regarding everything from the coastal zone to the oil concessions. However, the first theme of the session, which is scheduled for June 1st, will be election of a new Speaker of the Parliament, after the dismissal of Ranko Krivokapic. While waiting for the proposals, the current acting Speaker, Mr. Milutin Simovic, says this function is not his desire nor his interest.

At the same time, DF will be seeking the removal of Simovic from his current position because DPS previously asked for the dismissal of the second vice president of the Parliament, DF’s deputy Branko Radulovic.

“Everyone has the right to launch this initiative, it is legitimate”, said Simovic.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro