DF: Ready for an agreement

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The Democratic Front estimates that their initiative is the shortest and best way to bring together the opposition, but as they say they are ready to accept other proposals. “It is most important to talk and agree,” it is said from DF.

The Democratic Front estimates there is nothing more important for the opposition today than finding a way and methods of joint action and working with concrete actions to change the current regime.

“It is obvious that the greater part of the opposition is aware that the current situation in the opposition directly suits the regime,and that the boycott of Parliament is not enough to achieve the political goal, but we must do more. That is why we gave the proposal for overcoming such a situation and removing a deep political crisis in Montenegro,” the DF said.

“Our proposal for a platform is to support one person who is not a member of any party and to have only one list in the local elections. We think that a good atmosphere is necessary for joint work, as well as to be open to other proposals,’’ DF concludes.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro