DF regrets being rejected by the Key coalition and makes offers again

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Democratic Front (DF) is ready to remove the principle, according to which ministers from Milo Djukanovic’s government cannot participate in the new government formed by opposition, from the agreement offered to other opposition parties, if it is the Key coalition’s condition to sign the agreement, DF Presidency stated, Mina news agency carried.

“DF Presidency regrets that the Key coalition has not responded positively to our five principles on forming the government without the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS)”, the statement said.

DF added that they sincerely wish the opposition consensus to be reached and that they are ready to accept the Key coalition’s requirement, which, as stated, the coalition leader Miodrag Lekic announced last night.

“If our colleagues from the Key coalition mind the fourth principle, which prevents ministers from Djukanovic’s government from participating in the new opposition government, we suggest that they immediately remove it”, DF stated.

As stated, DF believes it is clear to everyone in Montenegro that the principle primarily refers to Rasko Konjevic, “the bloody interior minister, who was praised by some Key coalition leaders for having done a great job and who performed a severe crackdown against citizens and DF supporters on 24 October while he was in charge of the ministry”.

“But since this is the only principle from our proposal for forming the government without DPS which is unacceptable for the Key coalition, by this move we show our willingness to remove it immediately”, DF stated.

DF called on the Key coalition to sign the offered agreement after deleting the fourth principle from it, because all free citizens in Montenegro expect that.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro