DF required protest to be held on 21 May, the Ministry of Interior banned it

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Interior Ministry banned the rally of the Democratic Front (DF) which was scheduled for 21 May and supposed to be against, as DF put it, “political corruption based on which to the 40th Milo Djukanovic’s government was reshuffled”.

In its explanation, the ministry said that the reason for the ban was high security risk that may escalate into violence.

DF claims that it is a political persecution.

“The police should sanction and not just inform and arbitrarily and roughly say there is some risk of provoking riots. It is simply unacceptable for us”, the DF representative Milutin Djukanovic said, Antena M carried.

The ministry’s explanation also says that the persons drawing attention of security services participated in earlier DF’s activities. Those persons used to be members of the military unit the seventh battalion of former Yugoslav Armed Forces.

“If someone has this information and mentions such information in the explanation, then how is it possible that these people are at large? It is obvious that this is a political pamphlet”, Djukanovic said.

He added that DF proved that all its protests were peaceful.

“It has also been proved in the Parliament that DF did not cause any incident on 24 October. There is practically an admission of the former interior and current finance minister and the Speaker of the Parliament that the riots were provoked by criminals wearing police uniforms”, Djukanovic said.

Asked whether the announced protest might be seen as a provocation since it was scheduled for the anniversary of the independence restoration, Djukanovic said that DF would never celebrate that day, but that its members have the right to gather.

“The Ministry of the Interior could easily to find a solution and invite us to agree on the time of protest. We did not want to provoke anyone or to cause riots”, he said, adding that a new protest march would be held on 26 May – the day when the session of the government of electoral trust is to be held.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro