DF returns to the Parliament

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Members of the Democratic Front are breaking the boycott. They will be in the the Parliament for the next session, the leader of NOVA Andrija Mandic said at the press conference.

“We decided to open another front, which is a front in the Parliament of Montenegro,” Mandic said, adding that they will return in the Assembly in the full capacity. “We will work in the interests of all citizens of Montenegro,” Mandic said.

Speaking about the reasons for returning to parliament, he recalled that the opposition won 39 seats in the parliamentary elections and that they “waged a battle to get two more,” in order to set up a parliamentary majority and replace the government.

“Unfortunately, a few months after that joint work, when the regime was pressing DF hard setting us up a fake coup d’affaires, that line of communication within the opposition was gone, and to all our calls, both private and public, we had the same answer – silence” , Mandic stated.

Mandic recalled that recently they had sent another proposal to the rest of the opposition to discuss “the white paper principle”.

“However, people from opposition parties have decided on the same method of attitude towards the DF, as they did before,” he added.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro