DF to explain intententions it has

Member of the Presidency of the Montenegrin Democratic Union (CDU), Dragan Ivancevic said that it could be concluded that the attempt to enter the the building of the Montenegrin Parliament by leaders of the Democratic Front (DF) on 24 October was only “part of their plan to find a politically acceptable way out for themselves and their parties after unsuccessful protests “.

Ivancevic said that the CDU is closely monitoring information on what were the intentions of the leaders of the Democratic Front at the October 24th protests.

“Since there is no denial of this by DF, the conclusion is that their leaders’ attempt to enter the Assembly building that evening was all part of their plan to find a politically acceptable way out for themsleves and their party after unsuccessful protests. If this is true , then it turns out that the violent demonstrations and the threat caused by them were, in fact, only a scenery for the political game in oreder for the DF and its leaders to avoid the political consequences of wrong and dangerous intentions and decisions, ” said Ivancevic.

If this is not true, “then sudden desire of the DF leaders to enter the Parliament, which they, otherwise, boycott, at exactly that moment and at any cost, was part of a plan to provoke political crisis and call for “help” sent to foreign factors – possibly from the West, better still, from the East too”.

“In this scenario, the assembly building would become a gathering place for the members of the DF, in which case they at least would not need tents. CDU believes it is now imperative that the DF leaders, freed from the ballast of immunity, explain to Montenegrin citizens – what was actualy their intent that evening. While they explain it, we would ask them to clarify whether it is true that the announced new demonstrations planned for the very end of November, have nothing to do with the expected invitation to Montenegro to join NATO, ” he said.

Because, if so, the citizens of Montenegro, said Ivančević, should know “that it would not be protests against NATO, that foreign factors who do not want to see our country in the Alliance do not support it.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro