DF to pay damage

Chief of Municipal Police of the Capital, Goran Jankovic, announced that during protest in Podgorica on Saturday, it was caused damage amounting to around 150,000 euros.

Traffic lights were destroyed as well as street lighting poles, poles on the boulevards, traffic signs. The protesters, as Jankovic announced, destroyed expensive garbage cans, fountains on the main square. They also tried to destroy the playground in KingsPark, Jankovic added.

“In less than an hour an enormous damage was made. After the end of the protests, city authorities had a specific task to make everything as it was before, because of the scheduled marathon,” Jankovic said in the morning program of the Public Service.

Jankovic said that the capital city would seek compensation for damages from the Democratic Front (DF), which is the organizer of protests.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro