DF to return to parliament

The Speaker of the Parliament of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapic invited opposition parties which organized protests to return to Parliament because, as he said, it is an institution that has shown that it is able to solve problems.

After a regional conference on sustainable energy use and climate protection in Southeast Europe, Krivokapic told reporters that he has seen protest as a democratic institution.

“I see that protests are peaceful, civilized, civil, non-violent, and I consider them normal, even vital part of any serious democracy,” Krivokapic said.

He, however, urged the organizers of the protest to return to the Parliament and to find solutions to problems together.

“I invite them to return to the parliament, because this is an institution that has shown to have the ability to solve problems and to lead the dialogue. We succeeded in that even after the presidential elections, which were much more controversial than this moment”, Krivokapic said.

He added that the technical government is not desirable, but it is a possible option if political corruption continues.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro