DF wants the transcript from the US official’s meeting with the opposition

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Representatives of the Democratic Front (DF) requested today from the US ambassador Margaret Uehara to publish the transcript of the meeting between the senior US official, Hoyt Brian Yee, and a part of the Montenegrin opposition.

DF official Nebojsa Medojevic said they are concerned about this meeting because they believe it has “an impact on the internal political scene, the formation of the government and relations in Montenegro”.

“We urge the US Ambassador to, for the sake of all possible consequences and aspects of this secret meeting, publish this transcript”, Medojevic said at a press conference organized in front of the US Embassy in Podgorica.

According to him, if the meeting really discussed only Euro-Atlantic integration, which is legitimate, the DF does not have a problem with that.

“But if they discussed post-election coalitions, formation of government, upcoming parliamentary elections, then this is very worrying, because it is direct interference of a foreign state with the internal political processes”, said Medojevic.

Therefore, he said, DF thinks it would be fair and in accordance with democratic principles applied in the US, that the transcript of this meeting be published.

“And become available to us, but also to voters of the Key coalition, so that they know what their leaders talked about with the High Representative of the United States”, said Medojevic.

He announced DF representatives will soon meet with the observer missions to monitor elections and inform them about it.

“We will ask them to try to obtain this transcript as well, because this is a very worrying meeting. A high US official came ten days before the elections, and only one part of the opposition was called in”, said Medojevic.

When asked why DF claims that Key coalition, whose members signed an agreement pledging not to side with the ruling party before or after the elections, would go back on what has been signed, Medojevic said that they “are not claiming anything, just stating the facts”.

“The High Representative of the US government came ten days before the elections and organized a meeting mostly with those political parties which in December last year signed a political agreement whose creator, Ranko Krivokapic, said the dialogue was made possible with the strong support of the US and the European Union”, said Medojevic.

His colleague, Andrija Mandic, said Interior Minister Goran Danilovic should not sign the voter register, which concludes tonight at midnight.

“Because if he signed it, he would be betraying the opposition and all we have advocated for years”, Mandic said in response to a reporter’s question.

When the opposition changed status and entered the government, they assured us that they were going there to fix the electoral roll and improve electoral conditions, said Mandic, adding that only a hundred people have been deleted from the list so far.

“I believe the Interior Minister won’t sign it. If that happens, it will be a first-rate scandal and the best message for those still unsure of who to vote for”, said Mandic.

When asked why participate in the elections if they have so many objections to the electoral roll, Mandic said they have to, “because the atmosphere and mood of the people in Montenegro is like this”.

“Our 10.5 thousand activists tell us of the incredible desire of citizens for change”, Mandic said.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro