DF wants to win power in Montenegro with ads recorded in Serbia

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Instead of Podgorica’s Gorica hill, Njegos park or Biogradska gora – Topčider hill, Kalemegdan or a third park in Belgrade. Instead of Montenegro – Serbia. This is the choice of the Democratic Front. All commercials made for their campaign “We, or He” have been produced in the neighboring country, meaning that DF wants to win power in Montenegro with a product that is made in Serbia.

Initial suspicions that the videos have been recorded in Serbia hit the spotlight when Belgrade citizens wrote to CdM to report that they recognize certain areas of their city. In particular, one of Belgrade residents told CdM that he sees in DF’s commercial a monument erected in honor of Milos Obrenovic, at Topcider hill.

CdM asked DF whether their propaganda was really filmed in Serbia and who were the actors, because Montenegrin nationals can distinguish a fake accent in their lines.

Montenegrin public wanted to know whom did DF pay with the money received from Montenegrin taxpayers to advertise themselves for the upcoming elections, particularly bearing in mind that their motto is “For jobs in Montenegro”. Perhaps some of the money went to Montenegrin cinematographers, editors, photographers, designers, actors, producers etc., but perhaps it all ended up in the pockets of foreigners. So were these jobs in Montenegro, given to Montenegrins as they promised?

DF replied:

“If you do not know why we had to shoot our videos outside of Montenegro, then perhaps you did not live here in the past 25 years. People who publicly speak against DPS cannot find a job, get a job in the civil service, or even get close to good business opportunities. This is precisely what we will change on October 16th”, reads the response of DF.

However, the public needs to know how their politicians spend the money, because the state budget allocated two million euros for this campaign. This means that every minute, taxpayers are giving politicians 12.5 euros, and that just one day of their promotion costs us a whooping total of 18.000 euros. People have the right to know to whom their money is going – especially when they didn’t get the job. Not even in one-time acting opportunities.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro