DF: We hide nothing, our accounts are public

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Democratic Front DF has nothing to hide, their accounts are public and available to all state institutions, they said in this political alliance.

Agency for prevention of corruption ASK will start a court procedure to determine financial wrongdoings of DF.

DF official Milutin Đukanović said that ASK serves DPS interests, abusing its jurisdiction.

As he said, ASK asked DF to do a control of their assets.

„DF has nothing to hide, our finances are completely public. We will deliver necessary documents by 14h on Monday“, Đukanović said at a press conference.

He said to director of ASK Sreten Radonjić and his friend Duško Marković that DF is too serious an organization to respond to these provocations.

DNP leader Milan Knežević said to Marković, Radonjić and Prime Minister Milo Đukanović that DF has nothing to hide.

„We are ready to have our accounts checked, of all the parties and officials in DF“, Knežević saaid.

Nova, DNP and PzP received positive review from State Revision Institution for last year.

„We have no reason to hide anything. They will get all they asked for”, Knežević said.

He reminded that ASK received all the contracts they asked for between DF and media and other providers.

„When they saw DF has nothing to hide they went further. We have no issues, they should perform controls, but their intention is clear as a threat to our state funding”, he said.

He said that they can block all DF accounts, but DF will continue to fight DPS.

The campaign will carry on as planned.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro