DF would like to cause unrest

The Democratic Front leader’s messages are getting more threatening as the protest scheduled for September 27 approaches, assessed the Democratic Party of Socialists.

Noting that every day some of the leaders of DF warns, threatens and indicates the possible consequences, DPS have pointed out that after yesterday’s statement by the leader of the Nova Andrija Mandic, it is clear that “the DF’s protest would neither be national nor peaceful”.

“Neither their ultimate intention is forming a transitional government. Everything the DF wants is to try to cause unrest and destructive demonstrations, as we already had chance to see, in order to portray Montenegro as unstable and unsafe country, and to reduce the chance to receive an invitation for membership in NATO. Mandic as well as his comrades know that Montenegro’s membership in the alliance means a definite end to their retrograde policy and that it would end their attempts to undermine the foundations of the Montenegrin state, which is their only goal, and they do not chose the means to achieve it, even if it meant destruction the constitutional order, ” says the statement from the DPS.

If the DF had serious and responsible intentions regarding the citizens it would not offer “comic” Contract of a new beginning.”

“That has no basis either in the common sense let alone the economic and political system. When calling for peaceful protests, their ambassadors would not threaten with violence at public meetings. If their intentions were good, they would not send women as a ‘precursor’ to block the traffic in the capital without announcement in order to check the readiness of the police and the relevant institutions. Mandic is wrong if he thinks that the people have forgotten what the protests in his organization look like, with the loggings and burning the city, provocations of the competent authorities and minority peoples, unrest and ridiculous calls to foreign investors to bypass Montenegro”.

DPS says that whatever Mandic and his comrades do, they “will not be able to prevent the NATO membership invitation for Montenegro.”

Izvor: RTV Montenegro