DIK: Successful application of the electronic system of identification of voters

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In accordance with the legislation, State Election Committee DIK has fully contributed in the event of local parliamentary elections in Municipality Tivat.

DIK thanked all of the citizens of Tivat who have used their democratic right to vote today.

“This was the first time in Montenegrin election history that the system of the electronic identification has been used. DIK deems the implementation the system of the electronic identification successful in Tivat election. In preparation for the forthcoming parliamentary elections in fall, we can note a positive step forward for the use of this equipment”, they said in DIK.

They announced that DIK will used data collected in these elections to further strengthen the program of education aimed towards election boards, in order to successfully implement election legislation.

“In this regard, I appreciate the participation of civic sector in today’s election procedure. We hope for successful cooperation with everyone who takes part in the preparations for parliamentary elections. In accordance with law, DIK and Municipality Election Committee of Tivat will continue to the finalization of election process and will make a press announcement after the confirmation of election results”, they said in DIK.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro