Dikic absent due to illness, the trial is postponed


The trial for alleged coup plotters suspected of a foiled bid to overthrow the Montenegrin government on October 16 last year, was postponed for Monday, because the defendant Bratislav Dikic could not attend today’s hearing due to the worsening health condition.

Judge Suzana Mugosa said that today’s proceeding could not be attended by Bratislav Dikic, the defendant, due to his health condition.

“The defendant Dikic Bratislav is not present, because immediately before the proceeding, doctors from the ZIKS sent fax to the court stating that Dikic was examined today and that the doctor gave his opinion that he was not capable of going to trial”, Mugosa said.

“As the procedural preconditions for holding the trial are not fulfilled, the court ruled that today’s hearing will not be held and the next one will be on Monday, September 11th, at nine o’clock,” Mugosa said.

She said that the court would request form ZIKS the complete medical documentation for Dikic.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro