Dikic: Katnic has offered me a settlement

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Bratislav Dikic, former head of the Serbian Gendarmerie, accused of attempting terrorism on the day of the parliamentary elections on October 16 last year, said at today’s hearing that chief prosecutor Milivoje Katnic offered him to be abolished if, as he said, “he recalled a group that came to Montenegro. ”

He said today in the High Court, before the panel of Judge Suzana Mugosa, that he was not in a position to recall anything because he had no knowledge of the existence of an organized criminal group.
“If I knew anything about a criminal organization, I would tell the Special Prosecutor,” Dikic said.
Former head of the Serbian Gendarmerie earlier in the trial said he believed in court and justice, and asked judge Mugosa to do everything to get the truth that would show that he did not participate in the criminal plan.
Due to his health condition, he requested the cancellation of the detention, with the promise that he will be available to the competent authorities in the further process.
He also claimed that, if he knew about the criminal plan, he would inform the competent authorities in Serbia.

“I would not allow to be judged here for something that does not exist. Unfortunately, I did not know anything, there is a problem,” Dikic said.
The proceeding will continue tomorrow.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro