Dikic not feeling well, the trial is postponed

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One of the accused for planning terror on election day Srboljub Djordjevic denied the criminal offense he was charged with. He said he did not know why he was in detention. Due to the worsening health condition of Bratislav Dikic, the trial was interrupted and will continue on September 20 at nine o’clock.

Earlier today, defense attorney Milan Petrovic requested that Dikic be urgently taken care of in order to undergo surgery, following a medical report from the MilitaryMedicalAcademy in Belgrade.

He warned about the immediate discharge of Dikic, “because otherwise we will have a different decision in relation to any decision of this court”.

“And this is the death penalty,” Petronijevic warned.

Dikic admitted suffering pain but he did not want anyone to think that he deliberately delays the process, while Chief Special Prosecutor Milivoje Katnic said that the prosecution leaves the court with a ruling on the decision on further procedural proceeding.

Lawyers today made remarks on defense of the accused Milos Jovanovic and reiterated that medical examination of his health condition is necessary.

When it comes to Srboljub Djordjevic, he said that he got sick from everything that happened to him and that he was still wondering why he was in detention when he did not do anything.

“They invited me to Podgorica to attend the Chetnik celebration and they said that they would pay for the trip and that we would visit the Ostrog Monastery at the same time,” Djordjevic said.

He also claimed that he came to Montenegro because of his own tragedy and announced in tears that he had lost a child.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro