Dikic on treatment in KCCG

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One of the defendant for attempting terrorism during the election day, Bratislav Dikic, left for treatment today at the Clinical Center of Montenegro, where he was given complete medical treatment. After his referral to the KCCG, Judge Suzana Mugosa announced that she was separating the proceedings in relation to the defendant Dikic. The trial continues tomorrow at nine o’clock.

At the beginning of the trial, the president of the trial chamber, Suzana Mugosa, read out the expert’s opinion that on the basis of a specialist examination, the defendant Bratislav Dikic was referred to hospital treatment for further diagnostic evaluation.

“It is recommended that hospital admission be done within next to two weeks,” Mugosa said, stating that the medical service for Dikic can be provided within the health system of Montenegro at the Clinical Center in Podgorica.

Dikic has said that he does not have confidence in the KCCG’s medical stuff. He asked the court to consider the possibility of treatment at the VMA in Belgrade.

“If the guarantees of the Serbian Ministry of Justice are not sufficient, I am informed that the Government of Serbia is ready to deliver a full guarantee,” Dikic said.

One of the defendants Branka Milic has finished her defense today, emphasizing that she and his colleagues from the Chetnik Movement were used as the actors in the fake political process.

She said that her goal was to prove that the main special prosecutor Milivoje Katnic “targeted and deliberately interrupted the election silence, and that was the way the campaign was run by the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) in order to create the fact that the sovereignty and integrity of Montenegro is endangered from Chetniks from Serbia”.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro