Dikic pleads not guilty

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The group of Serbian citizens accused of an alleged coup attempt in Montenegro, among who is a retired Serbian Gendarmerie Commander Bratislav Dikic, denied today in court in Podgorica any involvement in the foiled plot.

“I am a victim and the product of the indictment … I have not prepared, not attempted to commit, nor committed what I’m charged with,” visibly upset Dikic, who has been in custody for nearly eight months, told the court.

He denied knowing anyone from the opposition Democratic Front and claimed that he had no communication with the leaders of the opposition alliance, who were also indicted for alleged conspiracy whose purpose was to prevent Montenegro to join NATO.

Hearing without Mandic and Knezevic

A hearing regarding the investigation of the legality of the indictment for plotting terrorist attacks in Montenegro on the day of parliamentary elections last year, has started today in Podgorica High Court.

Six defendants who spent almost eight months in detention were in the courtroom.

Leaders of the Democratic Front Andrija Mandic and Milan Knezevic have not attended the hearing, which was to be held on May 5 but was postponed at the request of the defense of the accused so that defense attorneys could get to know with the extensive contents of the case file.

Attendance at the preliminary hearing is not mandatory under the law.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro