Dikic should have handed the phone over to a DF politician?

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Cooperating witness Alexander Sindjelic told yesterday in the Special Prosecutor’s Office that the former head of the Serbian Gendarmerie Bratislav Dikic should have submitted an encrypted phone to a politician from the Democratic Front, who speaks Russian, on order to command the action of forced entry into the building of the Parliament on 16 October last year, writes the Pobjeda.

According to the information of the newspaper, Sindjelic during a hearing stated that the management of DF, during the visit and talks in Moscow, insisted that on the day of parliamentary elections “an armed action must be taken, because there is no other way to bring down criminal regime of Milo Djukanovic “.

According to his testimony, it was planned that as many as 500 people, activists of various Serbian patriotic organizations, from several directions, enter Montenegro and participate in actions which supposed to destabilize the government and remove from power then Prime Minister Milo Djukanovic through violent mass demonstrations.

Sindjelic stated that he had received a list of people who were supposed to be liquidated, noting that among them “first in line for liquidation ” was, as he said, Montenegrin controversial businessman Brano Micunovic.

The testimony of cooperating witness in the prosecutor’s office lasted 12 hours.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro