Discussion on referendum after the elections

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The decision on whether the decision on NATO membership should be made in the Parliament or at the referendum should not be made by current deputies, but by those who will succeed them in three months, said the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) deputy Miodrag Vukovic.

“It is my opinion, but I believe, also the stance of the party I belong to. We would not support the resolution of Socialist People’s Party (SNP)”, said Vukovic for the Vijesti.

The SNP on Monday delivered the proposal of the resolution which stipulates holding the referendum on Montenegrin NATO membership.

Vukovic thinks that decisions, such as the one regarding NATO membership, should be made in the moment when the need for them arises.

“It is now early to decide whether Montenegro would join NATO”, said Vukovic.

He added that he was also confident that if, in the case referendum was held, citizens would support NATO path and that those opposing to the membership, as in the case of referendum on independence, would say it was unfair.

Source: Radio Television Montenegro