Dispatch attempts to delay the accession to NATO

Former Member of the European Parliament, Jelko Kacin, consider the background affair “Dispatch”as an attempt to postpone the invitation to Montenegro to join NATO. He also said that this is not something that happens only in Montenegro.

“Montenegro is not the first or the last state where something like that happened. It is obvious that in these more demanding, the final stages of Montenegro’s integration into NATO, such cases happen, because we have similar examples in other European countries,” he told in an interview with daily ‘’Pobjeda’’.

As a rule, he said, it is proved that people responsible for the publication of such dispatch are usually individuals employed in institutions who does approve the integration of the country into NATO.

Commenting on Montenegro’s progress in EU integration, Kacin said that the state must continue to work.

Asked whether NATO invitation could further accelerate European integration, Kacin said that there certainly is a parallel process.

“The decision to call Montenegro, it is clear, will not be made in the next seven months. I expect that the decision will be known a few days before the December Ministerial Council of NATO.’’ he said.

Kacin added that it is necessary to actively work in this direction and through relations with the neighbors to show great commitment to Euro-Atlantic integration.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro