Djeljosaj and Nimanbegu submitted initiative for Tuzi to become municipality

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Parliament member from Albanian alternative Nik Djeljosaj with the support and signature from vice president of Forca Genci Nimanbegu, submitted into parliamentary procedure changes of the law for territorial organization of Montenegro, which would define Malesija/Tuzi as a new municipality.

As he explained, reasons for the initiative are respecting the Constitution of Montenegro and the right to local administration.

“All projects adopted by the Parliament regarding the status of Malesija turned out to be bad solutions”, said Djeljosaj.

As he also said, last year the Parliament adopted changes of several laws by which Malesija received a status of municipality within the Capital city.

“That both decisions of the Parliament were only deceptions, which were not supported by Albanian parliament members, is evident because no institution for application of these laws respected them at all”, said Djeljosaj.

He also added that the Capital city was supposed to change its Statute by 15th of April in order to transfer current jurisdiction to Malesija, but this deadline was not met.

“By 15th of July the municipality of Podgorica was supposed to adopt changes in its statute, but without changes of Statute of the Capital city this was not possible, and it’s all just a complete mess where nobody is respecting the laws”, said Djeljosaj.

He expects that the Parliament will adopt the proposal they had submitted and that this issue will finally be resolved after 27 years.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro