Djeljosaj wants the Basic Court in Tuzi

MP of Albanian Alternative, Nik Djeljosaj, has submitted an amendment to the Law on Courts which suggests the formation of the Basic Court in Tuzi.

Bearing in mind that the Basic Court in Podgorica includes the territories of the city municipality of Tuzi and Golubovci, and that, as Djeljosaj stated, has a big number of cases for which it is not efficient enough, he proposes the establishment of the Basic Court in Tuzi, for the territory of that CityMunicipality.

“In addition to the above, it should be noted that in the City Municipality of Tuzi its citizens are overwhelmingly using the Albanian language as a language in official use, and the use of the same in the Basic Court in Podgorica is neglected,” says Djeljosaj in the amendment, noting that the use of Albanian language in the Basic Court in Podgorica is possible only at the request of the parties, with the provision of an interpreter.

He believes that in this way citizens of Tuzi would be helped in economic terms, as it would reduce the costs of travel to Podgorica.

“With the development and decentralization of institutions they are approaching citizens, and the willingness of the transfer part of government where the citizen wants it to be is demonstrated. By this we also shows and democratic capacity of the state in the carrying out the minority rights, as well as increasing mutual trust,” Djeljosaj says in the amendment submitted to parliament.

Izvor: RTV Montenegro