Djelosaj does not want coalition with crooks and criminals

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Nik Djelosaj responded to the media allegations that Albanian Alternative is a potential ally of the coalition Demos–SNP–URA. He said that AA should run in the elections independently. He also pointed out that he had unofficial talks with all parties in the Parliament, but that there were no talks with, as he put, criminals and those who deceived AA.

“We had official meetings with serious Albanian parties, apart from those with criminal records. We have shared informal contacts and exchanged opinions with almost all political parties in the Parliament of Montenegro”, Djelosaj said.

He added that the politics is art of the possible.

“Anyone who accepts the political demands that we have been repeating for 27 years is our potential pre-election coalition partner, apart from those who deceived us. I will repeat my personal view – AA is the strongest, the first and only Albanian list that guarantees a dignified representation of Albanians. All of this is confirmed by all the surveys, therefore the party should run in the elections independently. We have already prepared everything, signatures, candidates list, infrastructure and we will continue to represent Albanians with dignity”, Djelosaj said, adding that the party presidency will held a meeting on Sunday. “Unless significant changes, we will be the first to officially submit the Albanian candidates list on Monday.”

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro