Djukanovic about Seselj: I had no expectations, so I cannot be surprised by tribunal’s decision

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After the prime minister’s question time, PM Milo Djukanovic commented on acquittal of Serbian radicals’ leader Vojislav Seselj.

Asked by CdM whether he was surprised by the decision and if he was afraid of a radicalism rise in Montenegro after the acquittal, Djukanovic said he did not think in those categories.

“I had no expectations from the court in Hague, so I cannot be surprised by tribunal’s decision. I just note the fact that the court in The Hague finished the procedure and acquitted Seselj. I am glad that every person is free. I prefer that everyone is free than to everyone be imprisoned, regardless of whether I agree with him/her or not. As for me, I have noted that and I congratulate to Seselj on his freedom”, he said.

SRS leader Vojislav Seselj is now a free man, because the UN court in the Hague has acquitted him related to all nine items of the indictment.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro