Djukanovic about the agreement: It was time for a step that reduces divisions

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Speaking at today’s government session on the political agreement with opposition parties and the forthcoming Parliament’s session, prime minister Milo Djukanovic said he believed that all members of the government agreed that it was time for a step forward that reduces the level of divisions in Montenegrin society.

He added that this kind of concession could be made only by the government and that it represented a test of readiness to cooperate for the benefit of the state of Montenegro.

Speaking on ministries at the top of which changes would be made, the PM reiterated that there was enough room for all in the state infrastructure of Montenegro.

The government adopted the report on implementation of the work programme for the first quarter of 2016, with a report on implementation of the government’s conclusions for the fourth quarter of 2015. The programme for the current year includes a total of 58 topics in the first quarter. Out of them, 46 topics, ie 79.30%, have already been implemented.

“In the discussion, it has been noted that the programme has been implemented at a good pace, whereas the reasons for delays in fulfilling the remaining obligations have been understandable – they mostly related to the procedures of harmonising with European and other international institutions”, the government stated, adding that those materials are in the final stage of processing.

As part of the implementation of the Energy Law, the government adopted the regulation on incentive for encouraging electricity generation from renewable sources and high efficiency cogeneration.

“The main objective of the regulation is to create a real and sustainable mechanism for providing incentives for generating electricity from these sources, thus creating a favourable environment for investment in this area”, the statement said.

In order to create conditions for the smooth implementation of the Law on Salaries in the Public Sector, the government adopted the decision on the variable part of the salary and the decision on severance payment of the public sector employees.

It has also adopted a decree on conditions for delaying collection of tax and non-tax claims.

Source: Cafe Del Montenegro